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Top 5 Best Medu Vada Makers in India 2019

Last Updated – 14 Oct 2018

Vada or wada is one of our favourite South-Indian snacks. Happiness comes with homemade and that is why it is important to choose the right and the best product for the type of food you’re preparing. And to help you with, we have prepared the a review on the top five best medu vada makers in India.

Best Medu Vada Makers in India

#1. Anjali Medu Vada Maker

anjali medu vada maker

Anjali is a well known and trusted brand. As a product of Anjali, this medu vada maker assures that your investment doesn’t go in vain. This vada maker is easy to use and is highly durable. It has a long lasting performance and a reasonable price. It gives a comfortable usage experience.

The cylindrical shape prevents wasting the batter in the bottom. It presses out the complete batter and prevents any congestion in the end. It is a good product to experiment with and is indeed one of the best medu vada makers in India.

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#2. Honest Kitchenware Mendu Wada Maker

Honest Medu Wada Maker

A brilliant, light-weight and tough medu vada maker with simple design. It doesn’t require much manual work and is easy to use and maintain. It is just perfect to prepare perfectly shaped lip-smacking vadas and other baking recipes. It prepares decent amount of vadas in one cycle.

Just make sure to use smooth batter to avoid any bad experiences. The maximum cylindrical shape prevents any wastage of batter in the end. The price of the product is quite reasonable and the product is also easily purchasable. No wonder it is top rated. This product is a great steal for your effort and money.

#3. Capital Medu Vada Maker (with stand)

capital medu wada maker

Yet another top rated medu vada maker which makes your vada making experience effortless. This product is sure to give you an enjoyable vada making experience. Though the number of vadas depends on the size, on an average it prepares a quantity enough for two or three people in one go.

It is tough, easy to use and easily affordable. The stand helps to prevent any scratches at the base and makes storing convenient. The cleaning is easy as well. With this vada maker you can enjoy making yummy vadas for your family and friends.

#4. Floraware Vada Maker

Honest Medu Wada Maker

This medu vada maker stands out to be stylish and pleasant looking with its brush finishing. It is strong, light-weight and has a longer lasting shine. Hence it is highly durable. You can make delicious medu vadas, donuts and other bakery items by filling the cylinder with batter and applying pressure on the downward direction.

If the batter is rough you need to apply more pressure and if the batter is smooth you can single handedly press it out. The price is a little higher when compared to other medu vada makers because it is made up of genuine steel.

#5. Blue Dot Medu Vada Maker

blue dot medu vada maker

Make hassle-free delicious vadas with the Blue Dot medu vada maker. The only thing you have to keep in mind is the batter consistency and leave the rest of it to the vada maker. It reduces manual strength and keeps your hands clean. It is easy to use, clean and store and an ideal choice if you need to buy one of the best medu vada maker in India

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Do let us know about your vada maker after you have bought reading our review.

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