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Top 5 Best Coconut Scraper in India 2019

Last Updated- Jan 19, 2019

best coconut scraper– Coconut scraper (also called coconut grater) is a very important and useful tool in all the kitchens especially when you use a lot of coconut in your dishes. Freshly grated or freshly scraped coconut gives the best taste and retains all the flavor. Hence its ideal to invest in a bestselling coconut scraper in India.

Ensure before you operate it, you go through the coconut scraper manual. They may be slight different from the traditional coconut scraper but are equally effective.

In this article, we have listed  Best Coconut Scraper which is durable yet very economically priced. So read ahead and check out the best options.

Best Coconut Scraper in India 2019

#1. Wonderchef Stainless Steel Coconut Scraper

Wonderchef Coconut Scraper

This coconut scraper made from stainless steel material comes from one of the most popular kitchenware brands- Wonderchef, owned by the most renowned chef in India- Mr.Sanjeev Kapoor.

Its perfect for grating coconuts for making delicious chutneys, adding it to dishes or gravies or just using freshly grated coconut for dishes for garnishing. Priced extremely reasonable, this is one of the best coconut scrapers in India

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Best Electric Coconut Scraper in India

#2. Sun Star Sunstar Electric Coconut Scraper

Sunstar Electric Coconut Scraper

This is one of the best electric coconut scrapers. Its saves manual efforts required in scraping coconuts. You just need to keep the coconut on the blade, press the button and the blade attached to the motor starts scraping the coconut without any additional efforts.

It may be slightly higher priced compared to the manual scrappers out there but it’s worth investing as it saves manual efforts required and also makes the scraping way too faster.

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#3. Anjali Sleek Stainless Steel Vacuum Base Coconut Scrapper

Anjali Sleek Stainless Steel Vacuum Base Coconut Scrapper

Anjali is a very known and popular kitchen items brand in India. This product comes from this reputed brand. This coconut scraper has stainless steel radical blades which are long-lasting and help in easy scrapping.

The design is compact, stylish & non skid and looks great in your kitchen. The blades are easy to clean and wash too. If you are looking to buy good coconut grater online in India, this is one of the best options.

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#4. Primelife Stainless Steel Coconut Scraper With Vacuum Base

Primelife Coconut Scraper

This is another option to consider in our list of best coconut scraper in India. The blades are easy to wash and clean post use. The scraper comes with vaccum base at the bottom which helps in keeping the product stable firm to the base while using and prevents it from skidding.

You can definitely consider this option as it has decent reviews on major eCommerce websites like Amazon

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#5. Cocoman Coconut Scrapper Premium

Cocoman Coconut Scrapper Premium

The company claims this product to be “100% Made in India” product. It’s made from stainless steel plastic molded blades. This scraper has 4 individual power vaccums at the bottom which helps the scraper stand firmly without being shaky or loose. The company also provides 1 extra scraper blade and 2 extra vaccum rubbers which will come in very handy. The product comes with 1 year warranty and is priced very affordable.

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That’s it, guys. This is the ultimate list of 5 best coconut scrapers in India. Please share this post on social networks if you liked the post. Also, share your comments about the products listed in this article via the comment box below.

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