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Top 5 Best Cervical Collars In India 2019

Last Updated: 9 Dec 2018

Cervical collars are normally used when someone faces severe neck or head injury. Cervical collars are used predominantly in areas where is there is a need to realign the spinal cord and relieve pain in severe cases of neck pain. They also find a widespread use in strains or sprains affecting your neck. We present the top 5 best cervical collars that you can lay your hands on in India in this compilation. So without adding anything more, let us find the best cervical collars in India.

Best Cervical Collars In India

A Cervical Collar, which is also referred to as a Neck Collar is used to support ones neck. It finds its major use in cases of severe head or neck injuries. These collars also find a wider use in chronic medical conditions that may affect your neck.

Here we go with our top end best cervical collars in India. Choose anyone of the below cervical collar types:

#1. Tynor Soft Cervical Collar With Support

The cervical collar comes with support and is available in a medium size. One of the affordable options, if offers you a great relief from neck pains and sprains.

Tynor Soft Cervical Collar

The Features –

  • It comes with rust proof eyelets. This will ensure better ventilation.
  • The collar is made from soft cotton that is also anti allergic.
  • Offers you a complete support for the cervical region.
  • Best suited for Post operative care, cervical neuralgia, Best neck collar for spondylitis, cervical disc disease, torticollis, and neck sprain/stiff neck

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#2. Lyra Health Soft Cervical Collar

If you are looking for a neck brace and a shoulder support rolled into one, this should be your prime choice. We would consider it as the most comfortable among the best cervical collars in India.

Lyra health soft cervical collar


  • The support is best option for spondylosis.
  • You would be able to adjust the collar to suit your neck size.
  • You can opt for three formats viz soft, medium and hard depending upon your needs.
  • The collar is made of high end propene.

#3. JSB BS06 Cervical Soft Collar

Coming from JSB, a brand well-known for sleep enhancers – JSB BS06 Cervical Soft Collar should be one of the prime choices for your relief. Moreover, it is one of the ultra-affordable options for you.

JSB BS06 Cervical Soft Collar

The Features –

  • The collar offers you a perfect elastic support and is made of breathable material.
  • It can provide an ideal support for your neck.
  • Best suited when your neck is needed to be positioned in an elevated position.
  • The product also comes with a one year warranty.

#4. Carex Cervical Collar

Carex Cervical Collar

After checking out the affordable options among the best cervical collars in India, we would also add an option in the premium category. It does come with a few additional features.

The Features –

  • The collar offers you a comfortable and firm support to your neck.
  • It uses soft cotton and thus provides better results.
  • It also has hook and loop adjustments.

#5. Alex Philadelphia Collar

This is a thoughtful product with a few innovations. Alex Philadelphia Collar definitely deserves to be one of the best cervical collars you can opt for in India.

Alex Philadelphia Collar

The Features-

  • The Collar uses a two piece design.
  • It has a front trachea opening.
  • The collar offers you a perfect immobilisation.

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Well, that concludes our list of the best cervical collars in India. Not that this list is exhaustive, but should offer you an insight into the availability of cervical collars and the options you have in the sector.

Do check the options offered and let us know your feedback.

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