Pringle Miller Mini Blender

Top 5 Best Smoothie Blenders in India 2019

Last Updated: 15th Jan 2019

Best blenders for smoothies India -A good smoothie blender should ensure that the smoothie is perfectly textured and packs all the nutritional benefits. It should be promising in the long run with its efficiency and durability. This article has a brief review on the top five best smoothie maker on Amazon in India to help you make a better choice.

Best Smoothie Maker In India 2019

#1. Pringle Miller Mini Smoothie Blender

Pringle Miller Mini Blender

This smoothie blender seems ideal for juices, smoothies and other healthy drinks. Unlike other blenders with complex blades and settings, this blender has light and strong aluminum blades which perfectly blend even the frozen fruits and vegetables with the hands-free operation.

You can use the jar as a bottle by using the travel lid to close it or directly drink from it. Therefore, a vessel less for cleaning. The material of the jar seems promising and is free from harmful chemicals like BPA.

It is easy to clean and has a stylish, sleek design to occupy less storage space. This can also be a very nice commercial smoothie blender India.

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#2. Whipsip Personal Blender

Whipsip Personal Blender

An excellent blender meeting most of your blender demands. It is comfortable and convenient in usage with only the lid and blades exchange. Easily portable with the help of travel lid and fits in most of the car holders. It gives you a fine blend of the ingredients with the powerful motor and one-touch button.

The handsfree operation allows you to work on other things. The secure switch on function makes sure that the blender runs only when the jar is attached.

The base of the blender is firm and skid-resistant; the jar is spill proof and free from chemical substances. Another good thing is that you’re getting 2 bottles.

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#3. Oster Myblend Blender

Oster MyBlend Blender

Facing functioning problems when you add ice cubes inside the blender? Worry not. This blender is here to put a full stop to all your problems.

It has a powerful universal motor for crushing ice; a portable jar with a convenient drinking lid; easy operation and easy cleaning (uses only water or less soap water); long-lasting performance of the blender and tough jar which doesn’t heat up quickly with continuous usage; spill-proof and takes up less space in your kitchen shelf or countertop.

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#4. Wonderchef Nurtri- Bend Smoothie Blender

Wonderchef Nutri Blend Blender

A compact and light-weight smoothie blender from a well-known and popular brand. Also acts as a grinder for spices and chutneys letting you make the most out of it. Make smoothies in seconds with the help of a highly efficient motor with 200 rpm.

The super fast motor breaks down the food quickly and uniformly. Skid-free base ensuring a steady and safe handsfree operation. The blender packs two jars and 2 set of blades with seasonal lids and a recipe book. It lasts long because the jars, lids and body are made up of strong materials.

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#5. KitchenAid  Blender

Kitchen Aid Blender

This one of the best smoothie blenders in India. KitchenAid is a popular and trusted brand and when you’re looking for a product, brace yourself to receive a lot more you expected. The very first eye-catching feature is the design. Stylish and simple design with the base made up of die-cast metal. Soft start feature ensures ingredients are not splashed. The motor senses the quantity of ingredients and maintained optimum speed. The jar is scratch-resistant and made up of BPA free materials ensuring safe food for your family. Highly versatile with four different speeds to mix, chop, liquify and puree. Pulse allows you to achieve desired texture. It can be safely with hot liquids and to crush ice. Overall, this is not just any blender but a smart blender.

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We’ll be happy to hear about your experience about buying the best smoothie maker in India with the choice you’ve made from this article.

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