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Top 5 Best Sleeping Eye Masks in India 2019

Last Updated – 11th December, 2018

One of the most needed prerequisites to a good night’s sleep should be the need for complete darkness. How would you ensure complete darkness in your bedroom? Maybe it is something quite impossible, especially when you stay in cities. Sleep Masks or Eye masks for sleeping are what should get the things done with ease. Let us check out the top 5 best sleeping eye masks in India.

There are several eye masks available for use while sleeping, but choosing the one would not be easy enough. You may need to pay attention to a host factors before making the final pick. The material and the sensitivity of your skin, comfort while travelling and contour are just a few factors that may be of utmost importance. We have listed the top 5 sleeping eye mask online India.

Best Eye Mask For Sleeping

#1. Alaska Bear Sleep Mask & Blindfold

Alaska Bear Sleep Mask

The Eye mask has been the popular choice for many of the insomniacs, and those suffering from dry eye syndrome. Made from Mulberry silk, these eye masks are high in demand.


  • It has adjustable straps.
  • Completely blocks the natural light.
  • Best suited for side sleepers as it has straps at back of your head.

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#2. Bedtime Bliss Eye Mask for Sleeping

Bedtime Bliss Eye Mask for Sleeping

Made from quality material, the product is best suited for meditation and regular sleeping. The contours are what would ideally make it a great choice for requirements.


  • It offers you better comfort than the traditional eye masks
  • The eye mask is made of light weight material and can be washed.
  • It comes with a EBook so that you can use it to its ultimate capacity.

#3. Timeout Travelkhushi Sleeping Mask

Timeout Travelkhushi Sleeping Mask

This should be a perfect choice for those who have been looking for affordability. The quality may not be at par with the high end eye masks that we already discussed.


  • The soft cotton material should offer you irritation free sleep.
  • It offers you double straps that offer you complete adjustability.
  • Being lightweight, the mask is much portable.

#4. Dream Essentials Escape Luxury Sleep Mask

Dream Essentials Escape Sleep Mask

After checking out the affordable option for the eye mask for a tire free sleep, here we go with the luxury sleep mask that would offer you premium features. The completely breathable mask offers you an excellent choice.

Features –

  • The mask provides you a high quality full breathable cotton foam padding options.
  • The soft band straps provide a practical solution related to comfortability.
  • High performance light blockage

#5. Kimkoo Silk Sleep Mask

Kimkoo Silk Sleep Mask

Made of natural silk, it should be the best in terms of getting the best ever sleep when you are travelling or your bedroom continuously has light penetrating through windows and curtains. Kimkoo is a well-known brand thanks to the quality of their products.


  • Enhanced elastic straps.
  • The mask also comes with a nose wing for complete blockage of light to the maximum possible extent.
  • Natural silk offers the best light blockage in addition to offering light weight.

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Are you sure you have found all the options available for the eye masks for sleeping? Certainly not. In fact, you have abundant choice and most of that would force you go bewildered as to what exactly are you looking for. Ultimately, it should depend upon the purpose you are buying the sleep mask.

We assume the items featured above will have something for your needs. We have made it a point to list the sleep masks for all use cases. The top 5 picks featured in this compilation are useful for varied situations.

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