Top 5 Best Foosball Tables in India 2019

Last updated- Jan 17 2019

Best Foosball Table- Are you looking for the best Foosball tables available in India? Foosball has been one of the most popular indoor games for the recent generation of sports fans. We present our top five list for the 5 best Foosball Tables in India that have been popular enough.

Best Foosball Table India 2019

Without adding much, we will check out the best foosball table brand in India available at a decent price of Rs. 1500. You can choose the best option that meets your needs.

#1. Toyshine Mid-Sized Foosball Table

Toyshine Mid Sized Foosball TableIf you are looking for some realistic gaming experience at its best, the ToyshineMidsize Foosball Table should be the ideal choice. It comes with 4 Rods and can be the best option for a medium sized gaming.


  • The game can be suitable for practically anyone, irrespective of age.
  • It is available 20 inches size and 4 rods.
  • The table is made of hardwood.
  • Available in a dismantled status that improves its portability. You can assemble it whenever you want to play.

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#2. Fantasy India Mid-Sized Foosball Table

Fantasy India Mid Sized Foosball Table

If you are someone looking for the fast-paced gaming session with Foosball, this can be your best option. High-end manufacturing with Italian craftsmanship coupled with high-grade functionality is what makes it one of the prime Foosball tables in India.


  • The physical dimensions of the table are 8 x 30.4 x 7.6 cm
  • Telescopic rods are made of chrome plated steel.
  • The steel ball bearings offer an excellent smooth movement.
  • Made of hardwood, the table comes with 4 rods.

#3. TaazaGaram Tabletop Foosball table

Taazagaram Tabletop Foosball

Yet another 20″ Foosball game table with four rods, it should ideally be the best you can look for. It is quite lightweight and you should be able to play it anywhere.


  • A realistic gameplay.
  • The built-in scorekeeper makes the game a lot easier to play.
  • The table is made of hard plastic and thus durable.
  • A game for all your needs – for any age group.

#4. Foosball Table / Soccer Table / Football Table

Foosball Table

Warrior edition Foosball table is a little expensive but provides a really true to life game experience. This can be a great addition to your social clubhouse.


  • It is made of hardboard wood and is completely scratch proof.
  • The table comes with the thicker sidewalls thus ensuring a smoother gameplay
  • The accessories come with a glossy chrome plating
  • The strong legs come with an excellent adjustment.

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#5. Soccer Game Table / Foosball Table with 8 rods

How about a sturdy Foosball table with 8 rods? This finest quality option can be your best bet. It can suit both personal or commercial usage in your clubs, offices or homes.


  • The table is sturdy and stable.
  • Can be the best option for low-end commercial usage or small offices.
  • The board is made of medium density fiberboard.
  • The square design is stable enough and provides the sturdiness.


Well, those were a few great options for the best Foosball tables in India. We have made it a point to include the options both in the lower and higher end of pricing strategy. We assume that the tables featured here should appeal to your needs.

Do share your thoughts with us.

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