Top 5 Best Sprout Makers in India

nestwell sprout maker

Sprouts are one of the most healthiest foods you can eat. All sprouted pulses are extremely rich in antioxidants and vitamins which are extremely necessary for an overall healthy lifestyle. Growing awareness among all Indians about overall well being and fitness has raised the awareness about eating sprouts regularly. The normal method of making sprout involved hanging them in a cool humid place in a cloth overnight. However, with advancement in technology, we have sprout makers which make the work must quicker and hassle free. In this article, we will guide you in selecting the best sprout maker in India by selecting one amongst the Top 5 Best Sprout Makers in India listed in this article.

Amiraj Plastic Sprout Maker

amiraj sprout maker

This is a simple but efficient sprout maker from Amiraj which is a popular brand of kitchen and home appliances in the country. It allows you to make sprouts in a clean and hassle free way much faster than the traditional methods. This model comes with 3 containers-  the 2 containers are used for making sprouts and the last one is used to store waste water. It is made from transparent material so that you can see through the containers. This is one of the best sprout makers in India.

Price: Rs.255

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Pikaso Premium Health Plus Sprout maker

pikaso sprout maker

If you are looking for a sprout maker which is very trendy, efficient and made from high quality material, then this is the one. It has 3 containers which are transparent so that you can easily see through them. Its lids and bottom have a trendy orange color which looks very trendy. Its light in weight and is also dishwasher and freezer safe. This product has an average of 5 star reviews on Amazon which signifies that it is indeed a very good option.

Price: Rs.465

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One Stop Shop Slings Plastic Sprout Maker

sling sprout maker

This is one of the best selling sprout makers in India available for a very affordable price. It is made from virgin plastic material and comes with 2 variants- 3 container one and 4 container one which are sufficient for generating enough quantity of sprouts for the whole family. It has a tight lid which ensures that the sprouts are do not spill outside and remain intact in the containers. This product has good reviews on online shopping sites like Amazon.

Price: Rs.220 for 3 Containers  | Rs.265 for 4 Containers

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Nestwell Sprout Maker

nestwell sprout maker

This sprout maker has 3 containers with transparent containers. It helps you make sprouts organically without any mess or hassles. The best thing is that this sprout makers comes with a free Power Free Blender which is an ideal kitchen tool and can be used to make tomato soup, dals and churning other things like lassi and buttermilk.

Price: Rs.425

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Prime Housewares Sprout Maker

prime sprout maker

This is a sprout maker from Prime Housewares which is a popular brand and this is another best sprout maker in India. It is made from 100% Food Grade Virgin Plastic. It is also microwave safe and has a unique feature of inbuilt steam ventilator which allows steam to escape while reheating in a microwave. This sprout maker is also refrigerator and  dishwasher safe and is odourless. It has average ratings of 4 out of 5 on Amazon which is very good. It maybe slightly high priced here but is definitely of good quality and is long lasting.

Price: Rs.599

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